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Murder Mystery Nights

After recently introducing Murder Mystery Nights at the Station Kitchen, we have found them to incredibly popular. Who would have thought that murder mystery on a train would be so popular? hehe

The evenings have proved so popular, that we have just had our forth murder mystery since introducing them six weeks ago.

These themed evenings are so much fun and the feedback we get is incredible. Although murder mystery evenings have been around for a long time, not many have been done at genuine railway stations. Combine this with brilliant acting and fabulous food and we are onto a winner. See below some very kind words from a recent guest at one of these evenings.

Murder Mystery at the station kitchen

We are often asked what the dress code is for the murder mystery nights. Well, everyone can come dressed however they would like. In previous evenings, guests have come in gatsby, smart attire, dinner suits, ball gown, 20's and even fancy dress (Scooby Doo in fact). You can come dressed however you choose.

The timings for each event are the same (See flyer below). Guests can arrive anytime from 6pm until 7:15 for pre-dinner drinks, with the food starting at around 7:30. Its normally wrapped up by around 10-10:30.

If you would like further information or to see the menu for your chosen date, drop us an email to and we will be happy to provide further information.

Hopefully we will see you at one of these, we can guarantee you will have an evening to die for!..

Station Kitchen murder mystery nights

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