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Welcome to our unique restaurant in West Bay, Bridport, Dorset.

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Bridport and West Bay, The Station Kitchen could be your answer. Our quirky and vintage railway station brings an old-world location into the modern day.

We are a family business, with  a long history in hospitality and catering. We started out as a cake company, then a catering company and now we are a restaurant in West Bay.

We have created an environment where people can connect with each-other, with the unique space around them and the neighbourhood they are in. The Station Kitchen caters for all dietary requirements, including gluten free, coeliac, dairy, nut allergies and more.

In the heart of West Bay, just a few steps from the famous cliffs that were featured in Broadchurch, we have deep blue sea and golden sand. Our restaurant is a place to unwind and enjoy the vibrancy of life.

Our newest carriage carriage is called Beeching, this carriage was built in 1958 and offers group tables of 4 and above. On occasion, we are able to offer tables of 2 if they numbers permit.


Our World War 1 carriage is called Brunel, this was built in 1911, which makes her older than the Titanic. This carriage is our main dining area and also works perfectly for tables up to 45, as we can move the tables into one long line. 

The Station House is our dog friendly area.

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Station Kitchen owner Ross Moore with Ma

West Bay

"A firm favourite is the Station Kitchen. This is situated in a converted railway carriage at the platform of the old West Bay Station, they have the loveliest staff there and after a drink in the former waiting room, you are shown to your table in the carriage. Last year we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on board."

Martin Clunes

"Absolutely first rate. Very pretty setting and decor, charming staff, excellent food. Highly recommended"

Hugh Laurie

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William Sitwell visits the Station Kitch

Masterchef critic and Telegraph reviewer William Sitwell says...

William Sitwell reviews the station kitchen restaurant

The Station Kitchen is available for funeral hire, weddings, christenings and private functions.

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