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Luke Hayter Fitness in Bridport

We were so pleased to be asked to contribute towards a competition that Luke Hayter Fitness was running.

We were even more pleased when we realised that the winning Station Kitchen voucher was won by local man Christian. Here is Christian's story...

When some family genetic history surprised me with a heart attack I needed to get fitter and lighten the load on my heart. I met Luke through the NHS Cardio Rehab classes and his HIIT style of training really surprised me with it’s flexibility, everyone gets to push their own boundaries but in a very social and enjoyable way together. As the rehab course ended I thought about joining a gym for the facilities, but I decided to stick with Luke and I haven’t regretted the decision for a moment, I love his classes. His expertise helps me manage my condition and I particularly like that every session is different, I don’t have to think about mixing up my own routine. Since the heart attack my weight has now dropped from 103kg to 85kg. The classes are the highlight of my week, I’m feeling great and now have the same jeans size that I had 30 years ago!

If anyone is interested in getting fit and they live locally, get in touch with Luke, he really knows his stuff and is a great laugh as well.

Luke Hayter Fitness at the Station Kitchen

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